How To Know If Your Tires Are Safe

Checking your ties is an important part of ensuring that you are safe in your car. Tires have the ability to cause a real danger if they are not constantly checked which is why you are advised to do so in driving school. You need to maintain them, and possibly drive carefully to avoid any incidences that may lead to the tires either being damaged or losing pressure. There are a few things that you always have to check so as to ensure that your tires are in great conditions hence you will be safe always.

Tire Pressure

Tires can lose up to 1psi each month, and if not monitored carefully, it can end up posing as a real danger to you while in your car. However, there is an easy way that you can use to check that the pressure of the tires is just right in the following easy steps:

• Buy a genuine pressure gauge from a trusted seller.
• Check the tires cold before driving or about three hours after driving.
• Inset the gauge into the valve of your tire, a digital gauge will start reading immediately.
• Check the number on the gauge against the number provided in the driver’s manual of your car not the one on the wall of the tire.
• The psi should be about the same number, if it is higher, you should let air out till it gets to that number.

Tire Rotation

It is known that tire rotation has the ability to increase the life of your tires which is why it is something that you should do often. Rotation basically involves moving a tire from the position it was and putting it in another position. There are basically some set patterns in which you can rotate your tires but if you are unaware of these, your mechanic should help with that.

Sometimes you may need to replace two tires instead of all four, it is important that while you are doing this, you have to ensure that they are exactly the same size and type for full car optimization. Most people like to put new tires at the front; the disadvantage of this is that it may not help your car much especially when the road is wet and slippery. Which is why most dealers will always advise installing tires, in the rear of your car, and this is where they optimize your car better.

Visual Inspection

Sometimes you need to physically inspect your tires. This should be done at least once every month so as to ensure that your tires have the correct amount of tread. For this, you will need a penny, and basically, you need Abe’s body rested between your thumb and first finger, if you see any part of the tread covering his head then you are good to go, however, the less it covers, the sooner you will need to change your tires.

Make a point of inspecting your tires every so often on your own as it ensures that you will be able to understand how to keep yourself safe while driving.

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