Brakes, Struts, Shocks

Glenn A. Trent is pleased to offer brakes, struts, and shock repair, or replacement, as a full service brake and suspension shop.

Brakes are a serious part of your car. Optimum performance is critical. You need a brake job when the brake linings are worn beyond the recommended thickness per manufacturer. There isn’t a specific mileage to go by because much depends on use (stop and go traffic, etc.) and brakes vary by model and make. Front brakes often take the most wear especially in front wheel cars/SUVs. Have your brakes inspected at regular intervals to stay ahead of any danger related to failing brakes. Often a problem occurs in one component of your brake system, and doesn’t mean the entire brake system is faulty. It is time for brake inspection if your brakes:

  • feel “squishy” or “soft”
  • ASE Certified
  • you feel a vibration
  • hear a noise in your brakes
  • grabbing
  • pulling

Brake Suspension

Your suspension is what gives you control over your car. We are here to help you keep your suspension properly maintained for dependability.

So how do you know if your suspension needs attention?

  • Fluid leaking out of the shock or strut body
  • Shock or strut bodies are dented or damaged
  • When you push firmly on car’s rear-it bounces more than 1-2 times
  • Cupped, uneven tire wear
  • Vehicle sways or leans on turns
  • Vehicle “nose dives” when you apply the brakes
  • Excessive bouncing after hitting a road bump
  • Harsh, bumpy or shaky ride
  • Steering is stiff or makes noise

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